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Convolutional Kernel Networks


What is CKN?

CKN (Convolutional Kernel Networks) is a software package corresponding to the NIPS paper ``Convolutional Kernel Networks''.

In this paper, we are exploring a new type of convolutional neural network that has the following properties:

  • learning is unsupervised, even though it could probably be used to initialize backpropagation (not tested yet).
  • we control what the non-linearities of the network are really doing: the network tries to approximate the kernel map of a reproducing kernel.

At the moment, we have not put any engineering or implementation effort in the software package since our goal was to understand whether such a new formulation could be useful or not. This means that the current 100% implementation is rather slow, but we are planning to make it faster in the future, by changing both the learning algorithm (SGD instead of L-BFGS), and implementation details (C++, GPUs).

We have also did not have the time to put a significant engineering effort in the experimental design. Implementing and conducting all experiments of the paper took us about two/three weeks (by using a small cluster). At the moment, we do not use any arbitrary data augmentation or data pre-processing, which implicitly increase the number of hyper-parameters and increase the risk of (unintentionally) overfitting on the test set, making results harder to reproduce. We are nevertheless planning to have a look at such techniques for the future.


Version 1.0 and later are open-source under licence GPLv3.

Related publications

    J. Mairal, P. Koniusz, Z. Harchaoui and C. Schmid. Convolutional Kernel Networks. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS). 2014


19/11/2014: CKN v1.0 is released.

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